Brake Bleeders Make Brake Service Easy

Bleeding brakes can be a challenging job. Motive Products Power Bleeders take the chore out of a difficult service. There's no need to have your significant other pump the pedal - you can now do the job quickly, effectively, and single handedly.

I found these brake bleeders years ago when I started going to the race track. It was always difficult to find someone to help bleed and, even when I could, I still couldn't get all the air out of the brake lines. It was frustrating to say the least. When an ad appeared in one of my car magazines showed this product I jumped at it and bought one.

I don't know how I lived without it. Anyone who does their own service or goes to the track should have one. Save time, save hassles, get the air out with a Motive Products Power Bleeder.

3 Quick Steps to a Firm Pedal Air Free Brake Lines

  1. Add brake fluid to the Power Bleeder
  2. Connect adapter to master cylinder and pump to pressure
  3. Open brake bleeder valve and purge air and old fluid from your system

Why This Tool?

  • Affordable - Power bleders start at $49
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Low Pressure - Low pressure requirments won't damage sensitive braking systems and seals
  • No elictricity or shop air requirements
  • Replenishes brake fluid as you bleed eliminating the risk of running the reservoir dry
  • Work at the wheel - you can see the air and contaminents leaving the system rather than guessing when the job is "done".

Will it Work on ABS Brakes?

Yes, a pressure bleeder will work on ABS equipped vehicles. On rare occasions, air can get trapped in the ABS module, so please check with your service manual before getting started.

Why Pressure Bleeding?

Unlike other bleeding methods, pressure bleeders enable you to work at the wheel so that you can see the air escaping from the system. This is not possible with many other bleeding methods. Furthermore, pressure systems don't introduce air at the bleeder valve like what is commonly experienced with vacuum or injector-type systems.