Brake Bleeder Adapters

1118 Late Model GM Black Label Power Bleeder Adapter

Convert your Motive Products Power Bleeder to bleed many late-model GM vehicles.

Includes 2 thickness gaskets to achieve a better seal.


1117 Black Label Ford 3-Tab Power Bleeder Adapter

Made from machined aluminum, the Black Label Ford 3-Tab adapter will convert your existing Motive Products Power Bleeder to bleed the brake systems of most late-model Ford Vehicles.


The 1117 is designed to fit snugly for a tight seal. When you align the tabs with the cutouts or keyways on the master cylinder reservoir lip yo may need to rock the cap in order for it to drop down into place. Once in place, twist the adapter to seal it, making sure not to twist until the unit is fully down.


1115 Rectangular Metal Universal Power Bleeder Adapter

Precision manufactured machine aluminum Motive Products Power Bleeder adapter converts your Power Bleeder to work on rectangular master cylinder reservoirs.

Includes everything you need to convert your Power Bleeder including adapter, hose, fitting, chains, hooks, and wing nuts.


1113 Black Label Chrysler Power Bleeder Adapter

The 3 tab Black Label adapter manufactured from machined aluminum. Includes 4 feed of brake-fluid-resistant polyurethane tubing.


1119 Round Metal Universal Brake Bleeder Adapter

Metal brake bleeder adapter for vehicles with round master cylinder reservoir mouths larger than 3 inches in diameter.

Includes plate, hooks, wing nuts, and chains.


1106 2 Lug Late Model Ford Power Bleeder Adapter

Easily convert your Motive Products Power Bleeder to work on most late model Ford cars and trucks.


1108 Late Model Chevy-GM Power Bleeder Adapter

Convert your Power Bleeder to bleed many late model GM and Chevy cars and light trucks.

Note: if you are looking for a adapter for your 2005+ Mustang the 1118 provides a consistently better seal.


1107 Late Model Ford Power Bleeder Adapter

Convert your Motive Products Power Bleeder kit with the 1107 Late Model Ford Adapter Kit.

Note: Because this cap is designed for a tight seal, it can be difficult to connect to the reservoir Attaching the cap is a three step process:

1) Align tabs with cutouts on reservoir
2) Push cap down until it seats
3) Twist to seal.

The cap will not connect to your reservoir if you push and twist at the same. time.


1105 Motive Products Rectangular Universal Power Bleeder Adapter

Converts your Power Bleeder kit to bleed many cars and light trucks with rectangular master cylinders.

Note: Beginning in 2011 the 1105 adapter is cast aluminum.


1103 Late Model Chrysler and Dodge Power Bleeder Adapter

The 1103 adapter converts Power Bleeders to bleed many late model Chrysler and Dodge vehicles.

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