1107 Late Model Ford Power Bleeder Adapter

Convert your Motive Products Power Bleeder kit with the 1107 Late Model Ford Adapter Kit.

Note: Because this cap is designed for a tight seal, it can be difficult to connect to the reservoir Attaching the cap is a three step process:

1) Align tabs with cutouts on reservoir
2) Push cap down until it seats
3) Twist to seal.

The cap will not connect to your reservoir if you push and twist at the same. time.


Fits many late model Ford vehicles with round master cylinder caps with 3 locking tabs.

NOTE: Please verify the number of locking tabs on your reservoir cap. A limited number of late model Ford master cylinders shipped with round 2 tab reservoir caps. If your cap has 2 tabs, you'll need the 1106 Late Model Ford Adapter. Please examine your cap before ordering.

SKU: MP-1107