0105 Motive Products Rectangular Universal Power Bleeder

The 0105 Rectangular Universal Power Bleeder works on Domestic cars and light trucks with metal rectangular master cylinders.

This unit just attaches with chains and thumb screws right onto your master cylinder reservoir mouth and you're ready to go.

Note: Beginning in 2011 the 1105 adapter is cast aluminum.



Bleeds many domestic cars and trucks with rectangular metal master cylinders up to 3" x 5" including many Ford, GM, and Chrysler. For reservoirs larger than 3x5" and for all plastic reservoirs we recommend the 0115 Power Bleeder Kit. We apologize but we can't refund users who purchase an 0105 for use on an vehicle with a plastic brake fluid reservoir.

Adapters included

Part Number Description
MP-1105 1105 Motive Products Rectangular Universal Power Bleeder Adapter


Manufacturer Motive Products
Mfgr. Part No. 0105
Brake System Compatability Manual, Power, ABS, Traction Control
Brake Fluid Compatibility Dot 3, 4, or 5*
Tank Capacity 1/2 Gallon
Hose Length ~2 feet
Warranty 1 Year Factory Warranty
Instructions General Power Bleeder Instructions

Work on a variety of vehicles?

Motive Products Power Bleeder 0260 XLT Pressure Brake Bleeder

If you work in a shop or on a variety of vehicles consider the 0260 XLT Power Bleeder Kit. The 0260 kit is includes time-saving features and a number of adapters that permit it to fit most vehicles. All at a discounted price.
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Three simple steps to a firm pedal

  • Brake Bleeder Steps
    Add brake fluid to the Power Bleeder
  • Brake Bleeder Steps
    Connect master cylinder and pressurize
  • Brake Bleeder Steps
    Open bleed screw & purge old fluid & air


1105 ADAPTER - Please see this link for a great customer supplied tip. Read #10

BEFORE YOU START - Before you start bleeding or flushing your brake system, remove the old brake fluid in your master cylinder reservoir with an old, clean, turkey baster or other suction type device and then replace it with fresh fluid. By doing this you'll be certain that the fluid entering the lines is fresh and you'll minimize the amount of new fluid you'll use in order to clean out the old fluid.

TIGHTEN EVENLY - The 1105 adapter is senstive to tension. When you're installing the adapter on the reservoir, make certain that you don't over tighten it. If you do, you'll bow the adapter and create a leak (and a big mess) in the process. Undertightening can also create a leak. Follow the "BEFORE YOU START" tip to determine if you've gotten the tension right.

CLUTCH - Some clutches have a separate fluid reservoir and are isolated from the braking system. If the adapter will not fith the reservoir mouth or there is insufficient space around the reservoir (the 1105 adapter in this kit is large), you may need another adapter to bleed the clutch.

MID YEAR CORVETTES - Some Mid-Year Corvettes have large, round master cylinder reservoirs that are close to the firewall. In order for this adapter to attach to the reservoir, you will likely need to mofiy the adapter by cutting off the corners of the adapter on one end. Be carefule to not cut into the internal air lines in the adapter. NOTE: If you modify the adapter you will not be able to return the kit.

NO SCRATCHES - If you're concerned about the possibility of scratching your master cylinder reservoir, just place a rag between the master cylinder and the chains.
Note: Always read your vehicle's service manual before starting any repairs.