0250 Pro Power Bleeder

The 0250 Pro Power Bleeder works on nearly every car & truck whether foreign or domestic. It includes two universal adapters plus the European adapter enabling you to bleed nearly any car or truck. It's a handy tool if you occasionally work on a variety of vehicles.

Included with the 3 adapters are threaded fittings which makes adapter changes and installation from job-to-job easy.

Includes the tools you need to bleed brakes and clutches. Pays for itself in just two uses. This kit also provides extra value in that the adapters are less expensive to purchase in kit form than individually.

Note: Beginning in 2011 the 1105 adapter is cast aluminum.



Fits most imported, domestic, and European cars and light trucks.


Manufacturer Motive Products
Mfgr. Part No. 0250
Brake System Compatability Manual, Power, ABS, Traction Control
Brake Fluid Compatibility Dot 3, 4, or 5*
Tank Capacity 1/2 Gallon
Hose Length ~2 feet
Warranty 1 Year Factory Warranty
Instructions General Power Bleeder Instructions

Work on a variety of vehicles?

Motive Products Power Bleeder 0260 XLT Pressure Brake Bleeder

If you work in a shop or on a variety of vehicles consider the 0260 XLT Power Bleeder Kit. The 0260 kit is includes time-saving features and a number of adapters that permit it to fit most vehicles. All at a discounted price.
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Three simple steps to a firm pedal

  • Brake Bleeder Steps
    Add brake fluid to the Power Bleeder
  • Brake Bleeder Steps
    Connect master cylinder and pressurize
  • Brake Bleeder Steps
    Open bleed screw & purge old fluid & air


BEFORE YOU START - Before you start bleeding or flushing your brake system, remove the old brake fluid in your master cylinder reservoir with an old, clean, turkey baster or other suction type device and then replace it with fresh fluid. By doing this you'll be certain that the fluid entering the lines is fresh and you'll minimize the amount of new fluid you'll use in order to clean out the old fluid.

PORSCHE - Some Porsche models have vented master cylinder reservoirs. You will need to pinch the soft vent tube or plug the end BEFORE bleeding. Do not pinch hard lines & don't forget to unplug the line when done bleeding.

MERCEDES - Some Mercedes Models have two hard plastic vent nipples incorporated into the plastic master cylinder. You will need to plug these before bleeding. Just take a short piece of rubber fuel line and and some hose clamps. Put each end of the hose on one each of the nipples. Use the hose clamps to keep them in place. Don't forget to remove the byplass loop you've created when you're done bleeding.

Note: Always read your vehicle's service manual before starting any repairs.