1708 Power Extractor for Fluids and Oil

The 1708 Power Extractor takes the mess out of extracting oil, brake fluid, and other fluids. May also be used to vacuum bleed your brake system.

Hose: 1/4 inch diameter x ~3 feet
Tank: 2-1/2 gallons
Includes: Dipstick probe for oil changes and flexible tube for vacuum brake bleeding

NOT compatible with most late model GM V8s, 2000-02 Ford SUV, 2000 Ford Taurus, GM- late models with V8, 1999-2001 Pontiac TransAm, 1992-94 Toyota Camry, 2009 Camry, 2004 Toyota Highlander, 2002 & newer Porsche Carrera, 96 Land Rover with 4.0L V-8 due to their convoluted dipstick paths.

SKU: MP-1708